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Prosperity Mindset

Prosperity Mindset

This podcast is for you if you want to achieve serious personal growth, but are struggling to solve your problems in at least one of the arenas: relationships, finances, business or health.
My teachings are designed to help you create long-term and "SUSTAINABLE" success; prosperity consciousness and a fulfilling life by discovering and resolving your hidden, subconscious blocks that sabotage life and success, no matter how hard you work and how much you try to come out ahead.
I explain how to turn things around fast by embracing the spiritual laws to have the Universal forces work to your advantage instead of against you.
I will teach you what needs to shift in your subconscious mind in order to have sustainable relationship bliss, financial freedom and personal health.
My name is Robert Szentes. I am a Master Transformational Trainer, Coach and Mentor, focusing on helping you achieve success by the renewing of your subconscious mind.
My website: https://amindinstitute.com/ 
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Why You Must Heal Your Traumas and Significant Emotional Events

Sept. 27, 2022

Unresolved Traumas and Significant Emotional Events cause us to impose harm to ourselves and to the collective. That's why it’s vital to clear our mind of past memories if we want to ascend. Book a session on my website: htt…

Message to the Star Seeds - The Dangers of Empowered Victimhood

Sept. 18, 2022

As we shift more and more energeticaly, people will need more and more guidance and this includes the Star Seeds. The Star Seeds have a very special calling her on Earth, but most of them are stuck in patterns, which we cann…

Ascension Symptoms and the Need for a New Kind of Leadership

April 1, 2022

A new kind of leadership is necessary from 2022 and on. The new leaders have to be highly broken through and highly spiritually aware. This has not been the case for thousands of years, so a new extensive mindset training is…

The Spiritual and Psychological Causes of Seizures

March 15, 2022

It is common today that people feel all kinds of pressure behind the eyes, they have aches and pains and also quite a few are experiencing seizures or seizure like symptoms. While medical conditions are complex in nature, th…

How to Change the Outside World by Transcending Our Inner World

March 11, 2022

It is time to see what creates the ugly narratives and the scary stories in the world. It is us! While the narratives out there are confusing and misleading, the only way to shift to a better world is when we innerstand that…

Happy International Woman's day

March 8, 2022

Happy International Woman's Day or Women's Day! You ladies rock! I also included a short lecture on vengeance and why it is important to release from our memory bank. My website: https://amindinstitute.com/