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Dec. 3, 2020

S1E5 | Toots are Funny, No Matter What.

S1E5 | Toots are Funny, No Matter What.

Grownups, you may not be able to handle this, our most vulgar, episode of The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland! It features several bodily function noises, and we completely desecrate The Blue Danube by Strauss II at the end. (Let the clutching of pearls commence!) Hank also discusses the less than finer points of swallowing a lost tooth.

Your kids, however, are going to love it!

This episode contains a suspenseful and exciting moment that may be scary for some kids. Grownups can assure them that everyone will be OK.

Special thanks 2x to Jason Roark who records, edits, and designs this show. He also provides original music including our theme song, which is sung by him and the wonderful, talented Jen Bernard. For this episode, Jason also obliged our request to have a song featuring barking, tooting dogs. 

Colin Laurel illustrated our cover art, which was directed by Jen Wick.

You can find out more and send us dog jokes at www.powerdogadventures.com

This podcast was made possible, in part, by a grant from The Regional Arts & Culture Council in Portland, OR.

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