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Aug. 22, 2021

Bonus | Power Pup from Stories For Wonderful Children Podcast

Bonus | Power Pup from Stories For Wonderful Children Podcast

We are so pleased to share this mini-episode from one of our favorite shows for kids and adventure lovers of all ages, Stories For Wonderful Children! Hosted by Dan Wendelin, this podcast is a fellow member show in the wonderful organization we belong to dedicated to high-quality audio for families called Kids Listen. This story, called The Lost Puppy, was first published as part of Dan's celebration of his 100th episode!

You can also read more about Dan and his show on the Kids Listen Medium channel here: https://medium.com/kidslisten/get-to-know-a-show-stories-for-wonderful-children-d383379ecea9

Hank would like to especially recommend that you listen to all of Dan's stories, and especially the short series featuring the Cats of the Elysium! From Dan, "Deep in Antarctica lies the mystical Cat Elysium, a magical paradise for Flibbertygibit's feline subjects. Flip-Flop, the prankster of the royal cat family passes idyllic days there as caretaker. But when trouble comes to the Elysium, will Flip-Flop's joking ways be able to rise to the challenge?"

The best place to start is with Stories For Wonderful Children Episode 37: Where's Flibbertygibit:  Winella takes the Cat's Paw Highway to visit Flibbertygibit. At first, the palace seems normal, but she soon discovers a stranger on the throne! Where is Flibbertygibit?
Warning: this story contains silly dad jokes and uncontrolled giggling.

And, at the very end of the episode, you will hear our Old Time theme song called "Power Dog, He Won't Give Up!" It was an intergenerational writing collaboration between Hank, his mother, and his banjo- and fiddle-playing grandparents! 

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