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Aug. 29, 2021

Bonus | Merlin Tuttle, Hidden Hero of History! From the Dorktales Storytime Podcast

Bonus | Merlin Tuttle, Hidden Hero of History! From the Dorktales Storytime Podcast

We are so pleased to share this episode of one of our favorite shows for kids, a fellow Common Sense Media pick for Apple podcasts, Dorktales Storytime Podcast!

Hosted by Jonathan Cormur, this podcast is a fellow member show in the wonderful organization we belong to dedicated to high-quality audio for families called Kids Listen. It is also one of Hank's favorite shows. He loves listening to Jonathan & Mr. Redge discuss stories and historical figures, and he often has questions for both of them. The show creators love getting questions from kids, so if you and your family have any, be sure to reach out to them at this link!

We asked the fine folks of Dorktales Storytime if we could share this episode about Merlin Tuttle because it is one of our favorites and because bats play a key role in keeping our planetary ecosystem in balance. We love bats so much that we also collaborated with Jodi from Dorktales Storytime to compile a list of great show episodes about bats for Bat Appreciation Day that you can read here.

written by Molly Murphy and performed by Jonathan Cormur
A story of bat caves, field notes, and righting a wrong reputation! Merlin Tuttle has spent his career studying bats and proving why they are an incredibly vital part of the ecosystem. His research, books, lectures, and National Geographic style photography have led to the knowledge that bats are not spooky but spectacular! Meet the hero who showed the world that some of the smallest creatures are making the biggest contributions—the real “batman” and champion protector of nature’s delightful, dark-winged, do-gooders.

~Audio Engineering by Jermaine Hamilton and Illustration by Arthur Lin 

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