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Aug. 8, 2021

Bonus | Cats vs. Dogs from At Your Level Podcast with Host Ari Kelly

Bonus | Cats vs. Dogs from At Your Level Podcast with Host Ari Kelly

We are so pleased to share this episode of one of our favorite shows for kids, the critically acclaimed At Your Level! Hosted by big kid Ari Kelly, this podcast is a fellow member show in the wonderful organization we belong to dedicated to high-quality audio for families called Kids Listen. It is also one of Hank's favorite shows. He loves listening to Ari's interviews, musical breaks, a segment called "bizarre ASMR," and more.

A special treat in this episode is that you will get to hear our good buddy Red Yarn's fantastic song called Cats & Dogs! You may recognize it, as we played the song at the very end of Season 1's episode 2 of our show!

Stick around to the very end to hear a short introduction from Jonathan Cormur of The Dorktales Storytime Podcast- another favorite of ours! We highly recommend this fellow Kids Listen member show for their wonderful stories that provide a geeky take on fairy tales as well as wonderful "Hidden Heroes of History" episodes about incredible people like Hedy Lamarr and Merlin Tuttle. We will be featuring the Merlin Tuttle episode in our feed later this month!

From At Your Level | Cats vs. Dogs:
What questions would you ask a vet? Or maybe you'd be more interested in playing some cats vs dogs games?  Are you a dog person or a cat person? It's another 'name that tune' episode, cat & dog style, and the main focus is fun! Cover art by Hank from The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland.

If you'd like to be a guest on At Your Level, Ari would love to meet you. There are two easy ways to do it: you can record a pitch on the big mic on the homepage, or email atyourlevelpod@gmail.com and tell us about yourself. At Your Level is produced by Art & Light Society

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