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Aug. 15, 2021

Bonus | Buttons & Figs' Summertime Zone Encore - Frosty Pops with Guest Appearance by Hank!

Bonus | Buttons & Figs' Summertime Zone Encore - Frosty Pops with Guest Appearance by Hank!

We are so pleased to share this fantastic episode from one of our all-time favorite shows, Buttons & Figs!

We are huge fans of a character named Sheila. Her outbursts put us in stitches, and we have listened to these episodes multiple times. Catch them all here: https://buttonsandfigs.com/listen/podcast/listen-to-all/

We also mention, and cannot get enough of, Mary Farfisa's Outer Space Radio Theater. It's a beautiful adventure show with talented voice actors, musicians, and wonderful stories with a style that harkens back to the old-time radio shows of yesteryear.

We are all members of a grassroots organization dedicated to high-quality audio for children and families called Kids Listen. You can find over 100 wonderful shows there and even listen to them for free through the Kids Listen app.

About this episode:
Summertime Zone Encore: Two kids, two ideas. One song contest. On the back of a cereal box. Should Sheila and her friend enter? Can they work together? Will they win? What is a lunar launcher?

This Summertime Zone Encore episode is sponsored by Strobe Nightlight, a nightlight that will bring a party to your dreams...or might just keep you up dancing all night long!  
Thanks to Power Dog's own Hank,  for sending the winning guess for what Lulu the Ladybug was selling! 

If you have an idea for the Frosty Pop contest, send them to pamela@buttonsandfigs.com - you'll receive a Buttons & Figs wordplay zine, drawn by Jim Cheff, the creator of the podcast, Mary Farfisa's Outer Space Radio Theater

Frosty Pops written, performed, and produced by Mark Pena and Pamela Rogers
Audio mastering by Blaise Collins/Pamela Rogers

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