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The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland Podcast begins as a serial action-adventure tale told over the course of 15 audio episodes, all about 15-25 minutes in length, for families with kids aged 4 and up. So make sure to start with episode 1! If you'd like to just dip a paw in and get a feel for the show, try out our Winter Holiday episode, or give The Fetcher Files (a 2-part story) a shot.

Season 2, a whole new serial adventure, building on the first season, will begin publishing in the Fall of 2021.

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The main story centers on Power Dog, an empathic dog with special abilities in a world called Dogland. Power Dog, his friends, and family work out problems together, help each other gain compassion for new creatures they meet, and discover powers they didn’t know they had. They use mindfulness techniques and teamwork to overcome adversity, and they use fun humor like knock-knock jokes and dog puns to enjoy life on Dogland together. The story, which started as bedtime stories an almost-three-year-old would regale his parents with, is performed and co-written by Phoebe Owens, a Portland, Ore Librarian, artist, and filmmaker. More importantly, she is mother to Hank Crozier, age 7, the originator of the story. He serves as co-writer of the podcast along with his father, Michael Crozier, who provides storyline writing and is the ultimate bedtime MVP in our home away from Dogland. 

Jason Roark is a musician and cinematographer, a real Renaissance bunny, in Portland, Oregon, who makes our podcast professional and fun with his wise counsel, expert-level sound design, editing, and even original music. Check out some of Roark’s amazing body of work here: http://www.jasonroark.com/

We were so thrilled when Portland artist Colin Laurel agreed to illustrate Power Dog and our cover art! Colin is a black queer illustrator with a passion for editorial, nature, and uplifting marginalized voices. You can see more of Colin’s work here: http://www.colinlaurel.com/

Jen Wick is a creative director and educator. Jen specializes in workshops and design services through Fort Wick, a creative studio focusing on editorial and nonprofit clients. See her work here: https://www.fortwick.com/

Additional thanks to these wonderful, creative, and supportive experts, artists, and expert artists:

Jillian Cohan Martin & Jeffrey Martin of the Managing Partners Podcast and Clarity Content, Podcast Advisors
Anders Lund, Technical Advisor, Dad Advisor
Matthew Hayes, Concept Illustrator, Technical Advisor
Annie Rachele Lanzillotto, Writing Coach and Leader of the Power Circle Writing Doulas
Rachel McKeen, Educator Advisor, Power Circle Writing Doula
S.C. Wiggans, Power Circle Writing Doula
KP, Power Circle Writing Doula
Jen Miller, Power Circle Writing Doula
A. Pickett, Power Circle Writing Doula
Sarah Gronich, Dog Doula, Dog Fairy Godmother, Secret Tooth Fairy
Hank’s Grams, we love you Grams!
We are proud to be members of Kids Listen, a wonderful resource for high-quality audio content for kids and their families!

This podcast was funded in part by a project grant from Portland, Oregon’s Regional Arts & Culture Council. Thank you, RACC!