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Jan. 5, 2023

The Power in the Pause: Taking time to Rest, Review, + Reflect

The Power in the Pause: Taking time to Rest, Review, + Reflect

When was the last time you reviewed your vision for success? Every now and then, we take a pause to reflect, review and re-evaluate the seasons in our life. Just like this podcast, I had to take a break because of the major events that happened in my life. But now, it's back!

In this episode, I share the reason why I took a break from creating, marketing, and scaling my business, as well as the lessons I learned in the power of rest. I also share an exercise that helps me to move fast and recognize how I want to show up for myself and my business in the future.

Show Highlights:

[02:32]. Receiving is not an easy act for me to embrace. At my core, I am the caregiver, and feeding others is my love language. Being comfortable with allowing others to take the wheel wasn't easy, but when I leaned into it, it got easier, and it was a huge lesson in both grace and gratitude.

[03:05] A pause from creating marketing, promoting this podcast, and ultimately growing and scaling my business. I learned a lot. I learned that there's a lot of power in baby steps, and I took the time to reflect.

[06:13] In both your reflection and your planning, it's super important to always use the same framework. First, reflect on the past, the second project into the future, and third, plan in the present.

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