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If you are ready to pivot your “I can’t into an I can, then you are in the right place. Susan Salzman explores how women of the “what’s next” generation are waking up and altering their POV so they can remember what it feels like to be in love with themselves. Building on her corporate career, her 20-year span as the CEO and founder of her global lifestyle brand as well as helping brands, creatives, and innovators over the past 13 years as an executive consultant and growth expert, Susan provides strategies and resources to annihilate the crap between their ears so they can take the experience, skills, and tools that are already held inside of them and transform that into a personal brand and message that highlights all their talents and expertise.Susan interviews inspirational, 50+-year-old women who have pivoted and changed lanes, even when they thought life was “over” and are showing all of them that age is just a number.