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Sept. 23, 2021

011: Growing from Baby Talk to Coaching with Pamela Weinberg

011: Growing from Baby Talk to Coaching with Pamela Weinberg

When you don’t know the answer, you ask. But when you don’t know who to ask, you have to find the answer on your own. This is what Pamela Weinburg’s road to pregnancy looked like. 

Growing up in the suburbs then living in the city during her pregnancy, she had to do her own research around the neighborhood about newborn essentials. This led to writing a resource guide for parents living in the city entitled City Baby New York. 

In today’s episode, Pamela talks about her childhood dreams and how they somewhat came true, her father’s influence on her career, growing up in a middle-class family, and how she jumped from being an author to a career coach. Listen to her stories about wanting to buy a Frye Boots at the age of 15 to watching The Bachelor and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York as a way to relax and more.

Pamela is currently a Certified Career Coach working with individuals in all stages of their career development—from college students to moms to young professionals. 


[14:52] You know what I realized about public speaking? I think still if I had to present in an advertising agency for a new business, I’ll still be nervous like I was, but when I’m speaking now, I’m speaking about things that I love and I’m so passionate about. And it’s all about helping other people. 

[31:25] Working with them (college students) is keeping me so current in what’s going on in the job market, learning about how marketing companies use TikTok to sell their products, learning so much lingo from them.

[32:02] I just find it fascinating to have this exposure to so many different types of careers and types of people, and I’m such an extrovert, and I get my energy a lot from other people, so I look forward to learning from each client.

[33:09] I’m never afraid to ask questions. And I hope that that is a good example for my clients who are young, who may be in a meeting, who isn’t afraid to say like “Can you explain that? I don’t know what that acronym means”. I love to learn.


Get a daily dose of professional career advice and other tips from Pamela Weinburg on her Instagram @pamelaweinbergcareercoach and on her website.

You can also purchase her book City Baby New York here.