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July 29, 2021

007: How to Start a Career as a Virtual Assistant with Emily Reagan

007: How to Start a Career as a Virtual Assistant with Emily Reagan

The term ‘virtual assistant’ wasn’t a thing yet if you look back even just several years ago. 

But in today’s digital age, it’s considered one of the most in-demand online jobs there is. 

Emily Reagan is one of the first few virtual assistants (VA) who started a decade ago, long before she was able to refer to herself as one. Being a VA is something she saw herself doing for a long time since she’s a military spouse moving from one city to another. A few years after her first stint as a VA, she now teaches digital marketing and helps women venture into being a virtual assistant career path.

In this episode, we talked about how to apply and land a job as a VA, what skills and tools are needed to get that VA position, and the advantages of working in a digital space.

Show Highlights:

[9:51] Business owners are scared to hire, they want someone they can trust so they can keep it in-house.

[40:24] You can be almost any kind of VA, like anything you used to do, especially in an office or for work, translated online. You just need your eyes open to that and you need to update with the lingo, and the software, and the platforms. 

[40:52] You can’t go in with a negative attitude or a closed mindset. You have to be willing to take on that challenge and learn.

Guest Links:

Know more about Emily Reagan, her Digital Media VA Crash Course, and more resources through her website here