Oct. 21, 2022

November Guests Coming to Point of the Spear

November Guests Coming to Point of the Spear

We’ve got some outstanding guests coming up in November on Point of the Spear. Click that subscribe button so you don’t miss a moment—kicking off the month the story of Churchill’’s desperadoes, the British SAS in WWII with author Damien Lewis. Then, the epic tale of a WWII Army Ranger Battalion ordered to seize a hill from the Germans and hold it till the last man in The Last Hill with author Tom Clavin. And later in the month the extraordinary untold story of two Marine regiments who battled each other on the football field on Christmas Eve 1944 in the Mosquito Bowl. Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Buzz Bissinger will tell us about his new bestselling book. All this and much more coming your way in November. Click that subscribe button and join us on Point of the Spear.

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