Dec. 26, 2022

January 2023 Guests Coming to Point of the Spear

January 2023 Guests Coming to Point of the Spear

We’ve got some outstanding guests coming up in January as we launch Season Four of Point of the Spear. Click that follow button so you don’t miss a moment. Kicking off the month we discover the covert relationship the US Government had with the Mafia to Win WWII in Operation Underworld with author Matthew Black. Then, learn the untold story of the USS Kitty Hawk race riots in Against All Tides with the author, Marv Truhe.  And later the memoir and service of a sailor on one of America’s WWII Liberty Ships in Armageddon in the Arctic Ocean with author Paul Gill. All this and more coming your way as we kick off Season Four this January. Click that follow button and join us on Point of the Spear.

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