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July 3, 2022

Gettysburg Voices from the Front, Part Two

Gettysburg Voices from the Front, Part Two

Join Robert Child for the conclusion of our two-part narrative special, Gettysburg Voices from the Front. Today’s program is another in our series of story-telling specials. First person accounts are the living link we have to what occurred at Gettysburg. And although some of the accounts may be less than accurate due to the various authors seeing only their narrow view of the conflict and having limited information – they still bring to life the battle in a deeply personal way. You could call this an immersive type of history as we have woven the first hand accounts together so that they unfold in a linear way. A Union victory was far from a foregone conclusion at Gettysburg and these words from two centuries ago bring you closer to that history and those times. Now travel back with us to a divided America and the gravely uncertain days of July, 1863.

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