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Nov. 24, 2022

December Guests Coming to Point of the Spear

December Guests Coming to Point of the Spear
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We’ve got some outstanding guests coming in December, plus Christmas Week Specials on Point of the Spear. Click that follow button so you don’t miss a moment. Kicking off the month we follow an 82nd Airborne Division Company through their deployment and return to civilian life with author Ben Kesling. Then, the story of Philadelphia’s only Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient, Michael Crescenz, with author Kevin Ferris. And later, mark your calendar for our Christmas Week Specials. First, we’ll speak with a George Washington historian. Then on Christmas Eve it’s Christmas 1942 all over again and we'll feature author Peter Harmsen. Finally, we close out the month and the year strong with Lt. General James Gavin’s youngest daughter, Chloe Gavin Beatty. who’ll discuss, Gavin at War: The WWII Diary of Lt. General James M. Gavin.All this and more in a jam-packed December to remember. Click that follow button and join us on Point of the Spear.

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