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Podtastic Audio

The Podcast for anyone launching a Podcast for the first time. Learn basic techniques that will make your podcast stand out. The sound quality of your show is so important, you have one shot to make an impact. If you like the way this show sounds, then I will make yours sound as good if not better!


Recent Episodes

Ep. 60: Zoom has new limitations! - Basement Reload Podcaster/Vodcaster, John Svedese

May 13, 2022

Welcome to my 60th Episode! Thank you so much for joining me today. A short time ago I discovered that Zoom had just changed the time limits for meetings on the free plan. Now no matter how you use Zoom, your capped to only …

Ep. 59: Drinking while Podcasting - Trip to London to chat with Linden Cole of The Icarus Complex Podcast

May 6, 2022

Thank You so much for listening this week. I hope I can give you some advice on how to create the best sounding show you can make. Today as it's Cinco de Mayo as I record this. It's typically a day for drinking. So there are…

Ep 58: Who is really listening? - Harness your Creativity - Podcast on a Pedestal

April 28, 2022

Thank You for listening. I made a few changes to Podtastic Audio. I created an all new logo for the show. As it turned out, my old show artwork was under specifications requirements. And I didnt like how the name blurred int…

Ep. 57: Podcast Interviews - Who benefits more, the GUEST or the HOST?

April 22, 2022

Today we talk about Podcast Interviews and who gets to benefit from them. I can remember my first podcast interview we did on the Kris and Kristine Show. It was episode 23. https://soundcloud.com/krisandkristineshow/episode-…

Ep. 56: A simple mistake while using the Zoom Podtrak P4 and using Show Notes for your podcast.

April 16, 2022

Happy Easter weekend. I've been on vacation all week long. And we've had a full house of kids as they are also off for spring break. During the week we had a guest interview scheduled and I didnt have access to our regular s…

Ep. 55: Your Podcast Listeners do not enjoy Ads. So why do we do have them?

April 8, 2022

Happy Friday as I record this episode. I will be starting my vacation this week for spring break. This will be one of 4 weeks I'll be taking off this year for my vacations. Podcasting can be a lot of fun. Although it does ta…