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Jan. 19, 2022

A thousand episodes of Start Here from ABC News

A thousand episodes of Start Here from ABC News

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A thousand episodes of Start Here from ABC News

Caila Litman writes for Sounds Profitable this week with Gumball, looking at Good Data - highlighting growth in younger audiences and why listeners find podcasting compelling.

  • In the US, the flagship podcast from ABC News, Start Here, marks 1,000 episodes today. Since its launch in March 2018, the podcast's host, Brad Mielke, has interviewed the country's biggest newsmakers and earnt an Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Innovation. Speaking to Podnews, he said he's learnt "how much importance simple facts carry … Facts needs to be the most important thing you're imparting. … It's a big deal."

    • Hear a full interview with Brad Mielke tomorrow in the Podland podcast; and today in the Podnews podcast, how he learnt the former President had COVID.
  • Apple Podcasts has launched "Listen With", a podcast playlist service to help listeners discover new shows. The first podcast guide is Jay Shetty; creators can request to be included in Spotlight, Listen With, and Kids & Family using this form.
  • Podca$h is giving $100,000 to budding podcasters, offering sponsorship to US podcasters. You've until March 4th to apply.

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  • Produced by Quill: C Suite Join Claudette McGowan, TD Bank’s Global Executive Officer for Cyber Security, as she explores how cyber-attacks happen and what we can do to avoid them. From phishing schemes to robocalls, Claudette meets with C Suite leaders to discuss cyber challenges and ways to help people become more protected.
  • Baby or Bust is new from Dr Lora Shahine, and will gather medical experts and patients to bust myths, shatter stigmas, and provide encouraging best practices to help anyone trying make their baby dream come true. The series will address the numerous questions that people struggling with fertility have but are too scared or uncomfortable to ask, and launches today.
  • Saturn’s Return, a contemporary fable about loss, sacrifice, and ordinary magic, has been launched: all episodes are available now. It's by the team that created the award-nominated mystery thriller “Dreamland”, and based on a sell-out stage play. - read more
  • Go Love Yourself is new from Laura Adlington, a Great British Bake Off (Great British Baking Show) finalist. The show sees Laura and best friend Lauren Smith tackle body image, confidence, and all things self-love. It's the latest podcast from Crowd Network, the fast-growing audio-on-demand network based in Manchester - the first in a slate of new shows set to launch in 2022, including a second series of its popular podcast dot com series. - read more


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