Permissionless Art
May 5, 2022

Tracking NFTs: An Interview with Lauren of Solana NFT Radar

Tracking NFTs: An Interview with Lauren of Solana NFT Radar

This week, Permissionless Art host, Matt Stotts, is joined by Lauren (x), founder and current moderator of Solana NFT Radar, which launched in August 2021 and serves as a community space that helps members find and participate in new projects within the Solana NFT ecosystem.

Lauren's path into NFTs started in Crypto, which they invested in for the past few years. Lauren notes that initially, she didn't understand the NFT market. "I was very much in the camp of why are people spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on JPEGs?" It wasn't until she discovered Solana Monkey Business and the MonkeDAO that she became aware of NFTs and their potential. Shortly after that, she purchased their first NFT and soon found herself involved in twenty or more projects a day. That is what eventually led her to create the NFT Radar.

 Lauren notes that her motivation for the project stemmed from frustrations around how many Discord servers she had to follow to keep up with the NFT market. The NFT Radar team looks at their project as a "generic source of information versus going into a bunch of different servers to get information." Hosting this "generic information" in one place makes the market more accessible and allows users to access information for various NFT communities in one place.

Another core tenant of the Solana NFT Radar is their daily mint poll, a tracking board that finds and posts all projects minting that day. Further, Lauren and the NFT Radar's research team use this tool as a quality filter and attempt to highlight projects that they feel are high quality. As NFTs and Solana are new and highly variable markets, this quality filter is essential for new community members looking to or just entering the market.

 "So we aim to be that place for people and help them make good decisions and just learn what with us. We have a lot of people who are pretty experienced as far as NFTs and Crypto go. So yeah, it's a great place to share knowledge and learn from other people."

Last fall Lauren and the Solana NFT Radar team created a DAO to further promote their ideologies of decentralized, open-source NFT market information. That was essential for Lauren to keep the platform in line with Web3 Values and allow the NFT Radar team to make decisions for the platform based on community feedback.

 "The goal with a DAO will be to decentralize the content and make those decisions more as a group, which I think is important. And then another part of that is we want to work in a more official capacity with project teams. That was also something that I wanted to be very careful about with my platforms is I'm never going to do paid promotions or anything like that."

 To learn more about Lauren and Solana NFT Radar, listen to Matt Stotts full interview with Lauren on the Permissionless Art podcast. The episode is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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