Permissionless Art
April 7, 2022

The MonkeDAO and Breaking out of the Walled Garden; An Interview with NOM

The MonkeDAO and Breaking out of the Walled Garden; An Interview with NOM

This week, host Matt Stotts joins Nom, Co-founder of Mintus, and Chief Intern at MonkeDAO, the first NFT DAO on Solana. Nom is a thought leader in the DAO space, residing in the intersection between psychology and technology, and participates in core technology building for people to operate DAOs. 

Like many others in the crypto community, Nom was intrigued by the initial investment opportunity. It was hard for him to ignore all the people "getting rich off ICOs." But his background in computer science and sociology kept him invested in the ecosystem and eventually led to his involvement with the MonkeDAO community.

 "I joined to receive the COPE airdrop, and I was interested to learn more about what Siri and the entire Discord community was doing. I then got involved in NFTs on Solana as a collector. Once the Solana Monkey Business second generation arrived, I became a lot more active in helping to lead the social community of MonkeDAO that grew up around that NFT collection. So seven months later, here I am."

The MonkeDAO community grew out of the Solana Monkey Business (SMB), a collection of 5000 unique randomly generated 24x24 pixels Monkeys stored on the Solana Blockchain. Members are referred to as "Monkes," They work on special projects within the Solana ecosystem. 

 "So what we're doing is  pay people to organize, do project management, or whatever else is needed to build the next generation of tools.”

Quick decisions through NFT based voting is one of the unique features of the MonkeDAO and allows the community to move quickly on new developments. Additionally, open-source integration and funding for development allow the MonkeDAO to expand quickly, and better support the ecosystem. Nom notes that MonkeDAO's core objective is to provide free value to the ecosystem so that other people can continue to build things that we might use."

Another of Nom's projects launching soon is Mintus, an NFT access-based Discord that looks to bring people together through IRL events held around the globe. Through a shared interest in the crypto community, the project seeks to mend the disconnect between online and IRL. The project, co-founded with fellow MonkeDAO community manager MacD, is a passion project for Nom and puts his unique background in Computer Science and Sociology to use.

To learn more about MonkeDAO and Mintus, tune into Matt Slotts' full interview with Nom on the Permissionless Art podcast. The episode is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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