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March 17, 2022

NFTs and Photography: Living your Adventure with PARKS

NFTs and Photography: Living your Adventure with PARKS

This week, host Matthew Stotts talks with photographer PARKS. PARKS’ latest NFT project is dedicated to and inspired by the beauty of America’s 63 National Parks. It is available on Holaplex, Exchange Art, and Magic Eden, and he has pledged to donate 10% of all proceeds to the National Park foundation.

PARKS who grew up on a farm, has always been drawn towards nature. Many of his favorite memories in his childhood and marriage have been outdoors. Today, he captures these special moments he wants to remember with his camera, and these photographs have now become NFT collectibles.

"Everyone loves to follow their favorite adventure photographer. What I try to do with my photographs is capture this sense of awe, adventure, and inspiration from these national parks."

Initially, PARKS approached his NFT journey as a passion project. But the experience blossomed into a career. What he enjoys most about taking photos is meeting other artists and collectors who follow his work.

"I've talked to several different collectors who have said, "Hey, am I good to print this out, frame it, and put it in my office?" All those types of things."

PARKS hopes to inspire others to go out and visit some of the beautiful parks he captures in his photographs.

"Fifteen of the top travel national parks account for 60% of the total visits. So there is a huge gap between the ones that aren't visited and the ones that are visited. I hope in the future visitors after hiking their favorite park like, Angels Landing at Zion National Park, will be able to go to the gift shop and mint a NFT right there of their experience." 

Listen to our full interview with him now to hear more about PARKS pioneering moves in the NFT space. The episode is available for download via AppleSpotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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