Permissionless Art
June 2, 2022

Web3 and How to Build a Successful NFT Project with Lauren Turton

Web3 and How to Build a Successful NFT Project with Lauren Turton

This week host Matt Stotts is joined by Lauren Turton, host of the popular podcast Freedom with NFTs. Her podcast, which is now in its second season, plays host to some of  the most exciting figures in the entrepreneurial and NFT space, including a recent interview with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. 

Lauren is also an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. She is a photographer, a restaurateur, and a non-profit vice president. It was her entrepreneurial mentality that, in 2020, led her into the world of NFTs and Web3. While looking for “the next big shift” she came across TikTok videos discussing NFTs and quickly realized that this was the “next big thing” she had been searching for. 

“It was August 17th that I officially entered the NFT space by making my first tweet on Twitter. I started to think to myself, ‘how can I provide for this community?"

To answer this question, Lauren turned to Web2 and began to brainstorm how she could apply the things she loved from her “Web2 life” and consulting experience to the NFT community. Lauren discovered that her passions lie in educating others. And from this discovery, the Freedom with NFTs podcast was born. Through the podcast, Lauren seeks to bring the top voices in the Web3 and NFT space together to answer pressing questions within the NFT community, thus shedding light on lesser known topics related to NFTs. 

In addition to her podcast, Lauren is also a participating member of Tribe X, an NFT group that seeks to advocate for minority voices in tech and bridge the gap for underrepresented groups in crypto. Lauren notes that Tribe X,... 

“ felt near and dear to my heart. And then I looked at the artwork and I was like, whoa, the artwork of tribe X is out of this world. So I reached out to them and I said, what's happening with your team? What's going on? And a few conversations later, we realized it was aligned and it's been incredible to be able to share the message of TribeX and get others involved into the space with that being their first project.” 

Tune into Matt Stotts full interview with Lauren Turton on the Persmissionless Art podcast to learn more about the Freedom with NFTs podcast, her interview with Gary V, and how she utilized NFTs in her own restaurant Ciao Ciao Piadina. The episode is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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