Permissionless Art
Feb. 2, 2022

Down the Rabbit Hole with NFT Artist Lapin Mignon

Down the Rabbit Hole with NFT Artist Lapin Mignon

Each week, host Matthew Stotts interviews today’s most creative thinkers, innovative artists, breakthrough technologists, and creators. The show is brought to you by Holaplex, the creator marketplace that’s building the community and the tools for this new era of art called NFTs.

This week Permissionless Art is in conversation with artist Lapin Mignon, one of the early NFT creator pioneers. In 2019, she fell down the rabbit hole by accident and started minting NFTs with her Fellow Artists Family on Editional. And, since then she’s continuously sought to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. 

Ever since becoming one of the first artists in the world to mint her own NFT, Lapin Mignon has embraced her core identity as an artist, simultaneously producing watercolors while also exploring the capabilities of NFT, the metaverse, and open-source production. 

In the short history of NFT art, few can truly call themselves OGs. But, Lapin Mignon is precisely that and continues to prove that traditional techniques have applied potential in this modern art world.

"I was here with my little watercolor, and I found my niche. But, I was really curious and I realized the NFT community is so small and we were helping each other. The best way to help each other was to collaborate." 

Yet somehow, Mignon manages to find a balance between life and art that gives her complete control over her schedule, only working when she feels connected to what she is making.

"I've got a few of my collectors pushing me to go a hundred percent with my art, and I don't want to. The main reason is that I want to keep my art as a passion. I don't want to have this type of pressure. I'm a mom of two as well. So for me, I've got my job, and I love it. I do Lapin when I have a lot to express and a lot to say." 

NFT, particularly open-source NFTs, has allowed Mignon to reach art enthusiasts directly, and to build a client and collector base without having to concern herself with the politics of 'why.'

"I've had the luxury of working on open-source projects in the past, outside of NFT, and the attraction of working towards collective goals. But, retaining your artistic integrity while doing so is clear. Open Source to me means sharing and building community."

Community, it turns out, is central to the explorations and playful projects Mignon is working on today. Mignon Generator gives everyone the ability to be part of NFT production. It was and is simple and accessible, in ways that major galleries would be crawling over each other to achieve. 

To learn more about Lapin Mignon's journey into the world of NFTs, listen to Permissionless Art's full interview with her now. The episode is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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