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March 10, 2022

Creating and Marketing Your NFT Collections with Paragon Art

Creating and Marketing Your NFT Collections with Paragon Art

This week, host Matthew Stotts talks with xSD, the Founder & CEO of Paragon Art. He discusses how his marketing agency helps artists create, launch, and promote their NFT collections in the digital space. 

Initially, xSD's venture into the digital art world started as a hobby. Then, he began experimenting with minting his own NFTs and, after finding success, he saw an opportunity to help traditional artists branch out into the NFT world. 

"We took six artists who've never sold their work online and, within two weeks, they generated over $9,000 in revenue."

One of xSD's current clients, Yellow Trash Can, is a band that creates art in various mediums. They recently launched a NFT collection called "Garbage Patch Kids," which has gained traction rapidly.

"When you're marketing NFTs, you have to find ways to help not only the community but the artists as well.”

Next on the horizon for Paragon Art is something that might look more like a brick-and-mortar gallery. The firm has recently partnered with Exclusive Collections to help established fine art contemporary artists to develop a presence on the blockchain. Although this partnership is not necessarily solely focused on digital art, acknowledging that the concept of physical works of art is just as important.

 "We're integrating the blockchain proof of origin, ownership, all that with their shipping. And so, with this NFT token, not only do you get an NFT with it but you also get shipped the physical artwork."

To learn more about xSD and Paragon Art’s  pioneering moves in the NFT space, listen to our full interview with him now. The episode is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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