Permissionless Art
May 19, 2022

Club NFT and Inventing the Future of Art Analytics with Artnome's Jason Bailey

Club NFT and Inventing the Future of Art Analytics with Artnome's Jason Bailey

This week host Matthew Stotts joins NFT OG, Jason Bailey, the Editor & Writer at Artnome, the world's largest analytical database of known works of the most influential artists. We dive in to learn more about Jason's art analytics revolution, Club NFT, and how he's helping bring attention to artists' creative works worldwide.

In our conversation, Jason shares his recent four predictions for the art market and provides unique insights on how artists can expand their economic opportunities in the digital world.

The NFT market is now worth $40 billion. Many of these digital artists went from being unknown to super successful overnight with the new creator economy.

Jason talks about creating exclusivity in the art world by taking old traditions once used by galleries and creating new ones for this new NFT digital art world. It's a fascinating conversation on what's next for Club NFT, with sage advice for both collectors and artists wanting to get involved in this exciting new space. 

To learn more about how ClubNFT is building the next generation of solutions to discover, protect, and share NFTs, listen to Matt Stotts full interview with Jason Bailey on the Permissionless Art podcast. The episode is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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