Permissionless Art
April 21, 2022

Boogle and Finding Your NFT Tribe: An Interview with Jords

Boogle and Finding Your NFT Tribe: An Interview with Jords

This week, Permissionless Art host, Matt Stotts, is joined by Jords, an early investor in Solana and Holaplex whose current projects include Boogle and The ButterflyDAO.

Jords journey into the world of Crypto and other digital assets started in 2020. Like millions of people worldwide, Jords was furloughed from his job in the Sports and Events Industry when the pandemic broke out. He spent the early weeks of the pandemic reflecting on what he wanted to do in the future and quickly immersed himself in the world of Crypto and NFTs. The catalyst for Jords involvement in the Crypto community was the realization that his Superannuation fund (similar to US 401k) was down 1.5% in a market that was up 40%.

 "I initially thought, 'Hey, I can take this. I can put it in an index fund S&P 500,' whatever I need to do and just outperform what I had and have that in a more liquid way where I don't have to wait till I'm 70 to access it. That was the initial theory. And then in 'everyone's a genius' season, I thought, 'Hey, maybe I can speculate a little bit more with that.'"

In the two years since his first foray into Crypto, Jords has gone through multiple market booms and busts. He notes that these experiences made him "age a couple of decades," but they also made him a seasoned Crypto and NFT community member. 

Jords became a vital member and driving force behind the Boogle community, a brand-focused project that is purely auction-based. There is no mint or whitelist; rather, it is a one-on-one art collection in which pieces, or Boogles, can be purchased by the highest bidder. The goal of the Boogle community is to provide a space for meaningful conversation amongst like-minded collectors.

 "I think that a big part of the value adds of NFTs, in general, is being able to be a part of a tribe and finding your tribe and who you relate to, who you can have meaningful conversations with, and who you want to spend your digital time with."

These conversations eventually turn into community projects, such as investing in other artists or charity auctions. For example, in a recent Boogle auction, Jords and the Boogle community raised $40,000 for aid directly to Ukraine. The Ukraine auction shows the power of the Boogle community and how these NFT communities can be a driving force for good in the world.  

 "…more than anything, it was really overwhelming to see the number of people who showed up and wanted to interact with the Boogle brand and wanted to do it off the back of raising awareness and raising as much money as possible. So yeah, I'm really proud of that."

To learn more about Jords and Boogle, listen to Matt Stotts full interview with Jords on the Permissionless Art podcast. The episode is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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