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Feb. 17, 2022

0012 - Myron Dyal & Perceptions Today Community Roundtable: Guided by Intuition (01 of 04)

0012 - Myron Dyal & Perceptions Today Community Roundtable: Guided by Intuition (01 of 04)
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We had an in depth conversation with the community which provided a great many insights in the that lasted over three hours.

He is a mystic, self-taught Outsider artist, musician and has visions that are connected to his temporal lobe epilepsy and are the catalysts for the art!

‘Each piece is a record of a vision that has occurred during some event and I have over 6,000 drawings, paintings, and sculptures. I was in a coma when I was a child, four years old and when I awoke my mind was erased and my visions began and have continued to the present day. I am a musician and music was all I had to express my inner being until I began creating art in the late 1970’s. It all started with my journals and then later I began to draw, paint and sculpt. What I created I also “danced”, in other words I conducted a ceremony around all the works in order to internalise their contents. I would spend a great deal of time in the mountains where I was living at the time walking and seeking my energy.’

Topics discussed:  Mysticism, Intuition, Epilepsy, What is gut instinct?, Musician, Art, Sculpture, What is TLE?, Painter,Epilepsy art,Epilepsy Artist,Epilepsy Sculpture,Epilepsy Sculptor,Epilepsy Musicians, Epilepsy Mystic, TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, Visions,Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Striking Paintings, Drawings, Seizures, Abuse, Hardship, Music,Clive Barker,

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