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Nov. 21, 2021

0000 - From a Drop to an Ocean!

0000 - From a Drop to an Ocean!

Welcome to our community; it has developed From a Drop to an Ocean.

We discuss these topics: consciousness, health, medicine, science, physics, history, metaphysics, the paranormal and reality. 

Topics included: Psychedelics/DMT, Synchronicity, Sex Magic, Energy Work, Kundalini, Reincarnation/UAP/UFO, Addiction/Recovery, Meditation, Neuroscience etc.

You will hear some of our members in this episode and a future event: 

RN Vooght (https://twitter.com/VooghtRN)
Stephanie Quick (https://stephaniequick.home.blog)
Anthony Peake (https://www.anthonypeake.com)
CentredAwareness (https://twitter.com/Mel_Issa_Maria)
Natural Born Alchemist (https://www.naturalbornalchemist.com)
Eileen Meyer (https://t.co/oPAD0WRFTG?amp=1)
Paranormal Blip (https://linktr.ee/ParanormalBlip)
Dharma Junkie (https://www.dharmajunkiepodcast.com)
Dreaming Jaguars (https://www.dreamingjaguars.com) 

We look forward to you joining our community! 

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