June 21, 2020

Episode 4 - Amelie Uhrig - Point Advisory

Episode 4 - Amelie Uhrig - Point Advisory

In episode 4, we’ll be talking with Amélie Uhrig who is a consultant working at Point Advisory.

Point Advisory is a sustainability strategy consultancy that focuses on providing strategic, technical and audit and assurance services to its clients who span across the public, private and social sectors.

Amélie is a great example of how through utilising your own network and never missing an opportunity, you can create a smooth transition between studies and professional work. In her own words:

"A friend of mine posted in the OEP group that Point Advisory is looking for a casual consultant. I sent through my CV after which I was invited for an interview and started as casual the following week. After working at Point Advisory for a few weeks, I was offered a permanent position in the team."

If you'd like to reach out to Amélie and find out more about what she does, please contact PEN on our email and pen.unimelb@gmail.com and we'll connect you!

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