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May 7, 2022

Zaandam to Amsterdam

Zaandam to Amsterdam
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I am super excited as my South Africa trip that was booked in 2016 is a go for September 2022 with a three-day stopover in Amsterdam, well actually we will be staying in Zaandam) just outside of the city at the Inntel Hotel Zaandam.

We are planning a private tour from Zaandam to Zaanee Schans to see traditional windmills and the countryside. 
In Amsterdam, we plan to check out the Anne Frank house and for that, we will need to book tickets in early August.  

We will have to do the A'Dam Lookout and I will be daring enough to do Europe's highest swing "Over the Edge" and dangle 100 metres above the ground. Care to join me.

I will do a podcast about my journey in October and other podcasts will be about my experience in Cape Town and Johannesburg.