April 23, 2022

Via Roma with Robert Norton

Via Roma with Robert Norton
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In this episode, we welcome Robert Norton. Robert is no stranger to the show as he was the first guest in Season 2. Robert used his memories from many trips to Italy to build the foundation for this book of 15 stories.

Robert makes us feel like we are right there with him, walking side by side, enjoying an authentic Italian dinner. Robert, makes you feel like you are experiencing everything.

In this interview, we discuss the book, the thought process, future projects and of course future travels. 

Cover photo credit Trish Campbell

You can find more about Robert's books at

ISBN's No.s

978-1-7753815-0-1        Via Roma

978-1-7753815-2-5        Full Moon Poems Whispered by a Muse

978-1-7753815-4-9        Meditations on Photography - vol.1 Connections to Creativity

978-1-7753815-6-3        Meditations on Photography - vol.2 Connections to Creativity