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April 17, 2021

Travel to Heal with Guest Ronda Taylor

Travel to Heal with Guest Ronda Taylor
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I would like t0  welcome you to my conversation with  Ronda Taylor, a TEDx Speaker, visual storyteller and photographer.

In today's episode we talk about how travelling can help one heal by taking the time to find yourself again.

Ronda at age 53 left a marriage of 22 years, sold everything and bought a back pack and started her Journey to self discovery. With a one-way ticket  to Central America and a desire to volunteer in the deepest jungles, Ronda was able to start to find herself.  Ronda is a solo traveler and travelled to Columbia, Panama and made her way to Machu Picchu in Southern Peru - a place that is on my bucket list.

Ronda is helping women entrepreneurs going through professional/personal transition(s) get outside their comfort zone to travel the globe while working remotely through mentoring and hosting workshops and retreat experiences.

I found Ronda's story inspiring and my hope is that you too find inspiration. 

Ronda is also working on a book of her photographs and her story. I am looking forward when that becomes available.

If you want to reach out to Ronda, you can follow her at

Twitter: @heartworkpub
Instagram:  heartworktravels