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March 17, 2021

The Travelling Beauty Queen Lanka Josefiova

The Travelling Beauty Queen Lanka Josefiova
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Join me in welcoming Beauty Queen Lenka Josefiova to the podcast. Lenka is a luxury blogger, Influencer, TV Presenter, International model, Brand Ambassador and best selling Author Lenka joined us from Dubai, but is based out of Dubai and Bali.

Lenka has 23 titles from International Beauty, modeling and tourism competitions. Most recently Lenka was named best Luxury Influencer 2020 in London.

This Czech beauty queen is also a motivational speaker and has been a panelist at the Global Women Empowerment Summit 2020 & Women Empowerment Conference 2016, both being held in Dubai.

You can find out more about Lenka Josefiova at

Instagram: The Travelling Beauty Queen
Facebook: Lenka Josefiova
LinkedIn:Lenka Josefiova


Featured in Emirates Woman