Nov. 6, 2021

Stuck Between Borders with Ana

Stuck Between Borders with Ana
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Imagine getting stuck between borders, you can't cross over into the next one and you can't go back. Life's journeys can sometimes be interesting. Why not come and listen to the recent conversation I had with Ana Malovrh as we discuss travel, motherhood, and future projects.

Ana is a Certified Virtual Personal Stylist and a Visual Brand Consultant. Ana is a seasoned traveller, making her first trip to the sea when she was just a baby. Ana enjoyed many travels with her parents and continues to travel in her adult life.  Just having a baby has limited that somewhat, but the dream is still alive.

Ana tells of her story of travelling across Europe to go to Scotland, and events along the way.  4 adults crammed into a Peugeot 206 and so packed that you could not add a box of matches.
Spending more time in Edinburgh but still managing to find enough time to travel throughout Scotland.

Ana lives in Brežice, Slovenia

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