Jan. 1, 2022

See culture through the lens of Dance with JoJo Dancer

See culture through the lens of Dance with JoJo Dancer
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Join me in conversation with Callie Rich Neal, better know as JoJo Dancer as we discuss where her love of dance, language and people have taken her.

Callie is an accepted member of the Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching and will be travelling to Columbia to study the methods that Columbian teachers use when teaching dance.

Callie travels with her two boys most of the time and two trips a year can be exhausting on them, however, Callie recognizes the value of her boys being out of their comfort zone at times. Callie's eldest son is focused on his studies and won't join her on her trip to Columbia. Three months will pass and Callie will be home.

Callie and I have talked about reconnecting once she is set up in Columbia to give us a progress report.

When we travel, we have many reasons to travel. We really don't need any, however, this opportunity that Callie has earned is one that can't be ignored.

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