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April 3, 2021

Restoring Travel Confidence with Dolores Semeraro

Restoring Travel Confidence with Dolores Semeraro
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Join me in conversation with Dolores Semeraro. Dolores has been a traveler since the age of 17 and after learning Chinese while living in China and friend introduced her to the Hospitality Industry where she worked at a boutique hotel directly across the street from Tiananmen Square. Dolores was able to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games  from the rooftop of that hotel. Dolores instantly fell in love with the hospitality industry.

Today Dolores is a keynote speaker in the Hospitality and Tourism industry and her mission is to help both Tourism Organizations and Hospitality companies restore travel confidence.

In this episode we learn about Dolores passion when it comes to this industry.

You can reach out to Dolores
 Website: www.doloressemeraro.com
Twitter: Dolores Semeraro
Podcast: Truth Behind Travel
LinkedIn: Dolores Semeraro