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Feb. 12, 2021

Presenting Live Virtual Vacation Experiences with Tracy Turberfield

Presenting Live Virtual Vacation Experiences with Tracy Turberfield
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Join us as Tracy Turberfield, CEO & Founder of Live Virtual Vacation Experiences shares with us how she has founded Live Virtual Vacation Experiences to give people an experience like no other with visiting destination and  hearing from people with boots on the ground . 

Tour destinations in real time and even ask questions. This unique concept is designed to keep people dreaming about travel. This is not a  not a video, or fancy brochure and this is not like any zoom meeting that you have ever attended before.

Tracy is passionate about the Caribbean's and takes us on a quick journey at what to expect when visiting Antigua and Barbuda.

Tracy has been a travel advisor for the past 15 years and prior to that she spent five years working the cruise ships in the Caribbean's

You can email Tracy at : Tracy.turberfield@visiontravel.ca
If you want to book travel contact her at : 647262-8005