Dec. 5, 2020

My lost car seat made me go to Disney!

My lost car seat made me go to Disney!
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Dream to Travel. You may not be travelling now, or you may be travelling. From where I sit, not many people are traveling due to government travel restrictions. That can't stop us from dreaming. Here at Passports and Postcards, I want you to always dream about travel.

My friend and colleague discuss a bit about our trip to Cancun, Mexico and visiting all the Palace resorts in the area and having the opportunity to stay at two. We first stayed four nights at the beautiful Grand at Moon Palace and then we spent three nights at the Le Blanc.

We discuss the impact COVID has had on the tourism industry and especially travel advisors, agents, counsellors...whatever you want to call us.

Caren fromwww.  gives a heart warming story of a the kindness of a stranger at the end of wild trip to Disney, almost home again, only to be diverted to Detroit and then having to fly back to Orlando as the airline had lost a car seat and the struggle to survive another six days in Orlando before the kindness of a stranger gave them the best gift.

Tune in to hear her story.
If you have any travel inquires you can reach Caren at or visit her website at Plan a Vacation

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