Dec. 10, 2022

Langa, a South African Township

Langa, a South African Township

Day 2 of our Cape Town adventure and they take us to Langa Township. Langa has been stated to be the safest Township to visit and probably the most walkable. The day was not all about Langa, however, my experience has left an impression and one that I wish there was more that I could do to eradicate racial discrimination even knowing that Apartheid was abolished many years ago, the race classification is still in the minds of all. 

We visit a schoolhouse and hear the children sing and watch them dance, there are hundreds of satellite dishes mounted on the walls, so even the poorest of the poor can still watch TV. 

We have lunch with a lady in the township and she serves up an excellent meal and tells how she used to create meals that would be packaged and sold at grocery stores. That business took a nose dive and she had to find another way to make money, so she contacted Touch Down DMC, the inbound tour operator who was guiding us and offered to make food for their guests. After eating her cooking, I can see things only looking better for her. 

We did go to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and then to the top of Table Mountain.