Jan. 15, 2022

Ladies of Ladakh with Tiffany Coates

Ladies of Ladakh with Tiffany Coates
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Imagine riding solo around the world on a BMW R80gs. Some might think the task too daunting but not my special guest today. Tiffany Coates is a renowned adventure rider who has travelled several hundred thousand miles and much of this with her partner "Thelma".

In this show, we talk about the bike and after all those thousands upon thousands of miles how well one gets to know their motorcycle inside and out.  Tiffany tells us about how she sold her hair to buy tools for the motorcycle, so in fact, Tiffany sold all her belongings including her hair.

Tiffany is well soft after expert in adventure riding, so much so, that she was found by a headhunter who represented an organization that wanted Tiffany to lead adventure guide on two wheels. Tiffany first said no, she liked being free and independent, but soon changed her mind and took on the challenge.

On the podcast, we talk about taking a group of women through the Himalayas and this is where we grab the name for this podcast.

Where you can connect with Tiffany

Website: TiffanyTravels
Facebook: Tiffany Coates
Feature: Mad or Nomad
Twitter: TiffanysTravels
Instagram:  TiffanysMotorcycleTravels

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