Nov. 19, 2022

Go Touch Down Tour Operator Review

Go Touch Down Tour Operator Review

I generally don't like to come out and rip into a tour company especially being a travel professional myself. I have to come out and warn travellers to stay away from this company.

I used this tour company for our trip of a lifetime, and financially it was and the experience was not so exciting. I must say that I enjoyed the Safari portion of our trip and the people in destinations Cape Town, Humala, Tshukudu and Kruger National Park were amazing.

The people at the hotels, Belle Marco, The Shark Bay, and Stillness Manor were excellent as well. Our drivers and guides were also excellent.  Where I had an issue with staff in the North American offices.

Everyone is still using the excuse of the Pandemic and staff shortages and people working from home and information is in different places. We live in a world of technology, a funny thing called computers, the digital world.

The company sent us a receipt of all the money that we paid for this trip as we were allowed to pay it over time.  They had a flight for us from Cape Town to Johannesburg and when the agent called she told us we were starting our tour off on Safari. I don't think so, based on the information they provided to me we were flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg and that is how we booked our own flights, a flight into Cape Town and a flight out of Johannesburg.

Give it a listen, beware of this tour company and if you are looking for one that will deliver on all their promises, you can reach out to me as I am a travel professional