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Dec. 18, 2020

Get Out and Explore with Guest Sarah Londo

Get Out and Explore with Guest Sarah Londo
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Sarah  is a veteran travel at the age of 29. A student of Travel at Fleming College and after graduation Sarah found herself working in Lake Louise Canada a hamlet in Banff National Park. 

After working there Sarah decided she wanted to see the world so at first she booked a one way ticket to New Zealand and then found out she had to have a return ticket in order to enter. After spending some quality time in New Zealand, Sarah found herself exploring and working in Australia and then a trip with a friend to Asia and then to Perth, Australia before touring Europe.

Once back in Canada, Sarah was approached by a family friend to come and work at his travel agency. Sarah said yes, and enjoyed working there until COVID and she has been out of work since March. If you are listening to this and you think you may have a job for Sarah, contact me and I will get the two of you in touch. Email me at : randall.mckeown@jlsetor.com