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May 8, 2021

From USA Today to Digital Nomad with Stephanie Mojica

From USA Today to Digital Nomad with Stephanie Mojica
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This award-winning journalist with publications such as USA Today and the Philadelphia Inquirer left a competitive, over-saturated industry to pursue a dream of being a digital nomad.

Stephanie usually finds herself helping professionals establish themselves in their chosen field by writing a book and being published. Stephanie has developed a proven book writing blueprint and action plan that helps professionals reach more clients and highlights that they are an expert in their field.

Today, Stephanie talks about her past travels, her time currently living in Suriname, South America, and what is left on her bucket list.

It is great to get to know someone more on a personal level than on a business level, as the two personas can be totally different.

You can connect with Stephanie at:

Website: Get Their Attention Now
LinkedIn: Stephanie Mojica
Instagram: Get Their Attention Now