Oct. 30, 2021

From the UK to the OK with Guest Gina Cerejo

From the UK to the OK with Guest Gina Cerejo
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Join me in conversation with Gina Cerejo, host of "That Seasonaire Podcast", Gina and I have a few things in common, the fact that we have learned much of what we know about podcasting has either come from Youtube or the Clubhouse Social Audio app.

Originally from the UK, Gina now calls Mayrhofen, Austria home. At age 27, Gina decided to take on the job of Holiday rep living out of a suitcase and working season to season in different countries. Gina has lived in the UK, France, Italy and now Austria. Gina has a passion for snowboarding.

Our conversation is laid back and reflects on what is really important in life.  How the pandemic has affected her life as a Holiday Rep and now working various jobs when they become available, from preparing drinks for wait staff to working in the hotel laundry room.

You can find more about Gina
In the "Clubhouse" @ginacerejo
Instagram: ThatSeasonairePodcast
Facebook: That Seaonaire Podcast
Linktree: That Seasonaire Podcsast

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