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Dec. 24, 2020

From NATO to Normandy

From NATO to Normandy
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On this episode we speak with Katherine Barker Culclosure, Travel Advisor at Kindly Compass Travel. LLC. I have a candid conversation with Katherine about her career with NATO and having to relocate to Brussels. From the tearing down of the the WALL in Berlin to the joy of nations being accepted into NATO.

Katherine discusses her passion for dancing and booking group travel with that community. We explore current travel and some destinations that are open for Americans to travel to as well as future plans to explore Southern Africa with a River Cruise.

We delve into the importance of Normandy, the lives lost by both the US and Canada and why it is important to include Normandy to your bucket list.

If you are in the US and looking at booking a vacation and looking at Alaska, Europe or group travel you can contact Katherine through her website or check out herInstagram page