Sept. 18, 2021

From Africa to One World Trade Center with Molly Bruttomesso

From Africa to One World Trade Center with Molly Bruttomesso
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Join me in conversation with Molly Bruttomesso from the 75th Floor of One World Trade Center in New York City.  Molly dives into her Africa adventure where Molly and her travel partners get stuck in the mud, their campsite is demolished by a herd of elephants and she narrowly escapes an angry elephant in the middle of the night.

Molly talks about her food experience while travelling in France and while in the Philippines.

As a mother of two, Molly is learning to experience travel through the eyes of her children.

We can travel domestically and still experience wonderment. There is so much to see and do just in our own backyards.

You can learn more about Molly Bruttomesso at
LinkedIn: Molly Bruttomesso
Instagram: Molly Bruttomesso
Work: Wunderkind

You can find out more about the Host Randall McKeown

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