April 9, 2022

Destination Weddings with Nancy Barkley

Destination Weddings with Nancy Barkley
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Join me in conversation as we talk about the profession of being a Destination Wedding Specialist with Nancy Barkley. Nancy is the Founder and Owner of Honeymoons and Get-Aways.  Nancy is an entrepreneur first and foremost.

Nancy is an expert in her field as you will find out in our conversation. What better way to get a large group of people scattered all over the world together for your special day than with a perfectly designed and planned Destination Wedding.

Nancy is also a Global Event Coordinator, Keynote Speaker and World Tourism Network Chair, Destination Wedding Group. Nancy has been featured on CNN and  Huffington Post. Nancy has been in Bridal and Luxury and appeared in many travel magazines.

Nancy and I collaborated together with hosting Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera on the social audio platform "Clubhouse".

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