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Jan. 21, 2021

Buzzer Beater Travel with Guest Andrew Fraser

Buzzer Beater Travel with Guest Andrew Fraser
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Join in a conversation with Andrew Fraser, Account Executive, Sales and Service, Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment. MLSE owns and operates the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL, Toronto Raptors of the NBA, Toronto F.C. of MLS, Toronto Argonauts of the CFL, Raptors 904 of the G League, Toronto Marlies of the AHL.  

MLSE is the largest sports corporation in Canada and most likely one of the largest in North America.  MLSE was formed in 1998.

Sports is one reason why we travel. It doesn't matter if it is just  down the street, across a province or state, or across a country or around the world. People travel to be participate or watch sports,. 

With todays guest, Andrews, we speak about his last destination prior to the pandemic lockdown, his travel with the Raptors 905 with season ticket holders to witness and incredible triple overtime win by the Raptors 905. Andrew talks about taking a group of 26 youth to south America to help the locals and learn about the people and the culture. 

If you are looking at purchasing single game tickets, season tickets or group tickets or you just have a great sports travel story, Andrew would like to hear from you. 

He can be reached at +01-416-815-6174
Email: andrew.fraser@mlse.com