Jan. 29, 2022

Body, Mind & Spirit with Katara Sky

Body, Mind & Spirit with Katara Sky
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Join me in conversation with Katara Sky,  Medicine Woman. Imagine working in an industry where you could travel at the drop of a hat. Being a Chartered Accountant, Kat was able to travel on a whim. Kat has travelled to some 65 countries.

Kat and I discuss the importance of having a proper VISA when entering a foreign country and ensuring you have enough blank pages in your passport.

We are bound by borders but that should not be the case, we are one people in one world and we should be able to travel freely. If we can't do it physically, we can do it spiritually.

Kat has gone from exploring the world to inner exploration and finding and healing herself. Kat has positioned herself to help you make that inner journey. Find your purpose.

You can find more about Kat through the links below