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Passports and Postcards

Passports and Postcards

Travel Podcast - Season 1 was about my travels to places like Cuba, Antigua, Paris, Ireland, England. Season 2 is more of an interview style with guests sharing their travel stories. During this pandemic we need to continue to dream about travel and I hope that these stories will keep that drive alive.

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Recent Episodes

Wellness By Design Including Travel with Ruvi Makuni

Oct. 23, 2021

Life is stressful enough without the events of the past 19 months. More and more employees are working from home, and the home provides its own different stresses. Join me in conversation with Ruvi Mukani as we discuss Corpo…

Childhood Memories of Turkey with Angelina Carleton

Oct. 16, 2021

In this episode, I meet up with a good friend Angelina Carleton. I met Angelina from members-only travel and a social group called "A Small World". A group of us continued to stay connected even though we could not travel vi…

Defining what "Having it All" means with Melanie McSally

Oct. 9, 2021

Join me in conversation with Melanie McSally, a leading authority on streamlining businesses to maximize profit. Melanie has spent her life defining for her the meaning of "Having it All". Melanie and I talk about her trave…

From Dream to Reality -The "OE" with Vix Munro

Oct. 2, 2021

We might well be here for a long time not just a good time" the self-discovery of Vix Munro. Vix Munro is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and Wellness Coach. At age 23, Vix, decided it was time for her big OE "Oversea…

Finding Motherhood in Russia

Sept. 25, 2021

We all travel. We travel for work or play and sometimes we travel to bring home a family. Join me in conversation with Donna Loughlin, founder of Loughlin Michaels Group, more than just a PR firm. Donna and her team take com…

From Africa to One World Trade Center with Molly Bruttomesso

Sept. 18, 2021

Join me in conversation with Molly Bruttomesso from the 75th Floor of One World Trade Center in New York City. Molly dives into her Africa adventure where Molly and her travel partners get stuck in the mud, their campsite i…