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Passports and Postcards

Passports and Postcards

Travel Podcast - Season 1 was about my travels to places like Cuba, Antigua, Paris, Ireland, England. Season 2 is more of an interview style with guests sharing their travel stories. During this pandemic we need to continue to dream about travel and I hope that these stories will keep that drive alive.

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Recent Episodes

How Is Your Airport Experience???

Aug. 27, 2022

In this episode, I try to explain why there has been such a disaster at airports. I explain that the majority of staff, from pilots to cabin crew, to baggage handlers, to Check-In staff are short-staffed. When everything shu…

How I found my voice in travel!

July 22, 2022

Hello. and welcome. News to share with you all. Yes, I have been away for a while. It would take me hours to tell you all the reasons why I have been away. I am getting back into travel as a travel advisor under my own bran…

Zaandam to Amsterdam

May 7, 2022

I am super excited as my South Africa trip that was booked in 2016 is a go for September 2022 with a three-day stopover in Amsterdam, well actually we will be staying in Zaandam) just outside of the city at the Inntel Hotel …

Lenka On Travel

April 30, 2022

The most difficult podcast. Lenka joins me to discuss traveling as part of her career as a spokesperson, model and educator. Contact the Host Randall McKeown

Via Roma with Robert Norton

April 23, 2022

In this episode, we welcome Robert Norton. Robert is no stranger to the show as he was the first guest in Season 2. Robert used his memories from many trips to Italy to build the foundation for this book of 15 stories. Rober…

Destination Weddings with Nancy Barkley

April 9, 2022

Join me in conversation as we talk about the profession of being a Destination Wedding Specialist with Nancy Barkley. Nancy is the Founder and Owner of Honeymoons and Get-Aways. Nancy is an entrepreneur first and foremost. …