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Oct. 10, 2022

What if the metaverse could really help make banking better?

What if the metaverse could really help make banking better?
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Web3 has been called a lot of things: the future of a decentralized web, the money layer for the internet, and the identity layer for the internet. Some see Web3 as a new patron model for the internet—a way for artists and creators to get compensated for their work through new communities and cooperative ownership, as well as the sale, trading and ownership of NFTs and other digital goods. Much of the gaming economy is centered around these types of communities, as are the half dozen or more versions of the metaverse, in which avatar-led facilitators act as the primary-user experiences, and digital goods can be acquired and communities formed. But web3 and the metaverse can mean a lot more for banking. In this episode of One Vision, Bradley hosts a conversation with Caroline Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Lifetise, a metaverse that is focused on financial education and helping people create the opportunity to be financially secure and create a life they love. You’ll be sure to love what they are doing.  

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